All of the various plants which at one time had 'Fortunei' in their names present a fascinating puzzle early in the 21st Century. All were once considered by Hylander to be part of a species named fortunei, but recent changes have reduced them to cultivar status, as no clear relationships to plants found in the wild or to each other could be proven.  The group seems to be made up of several green cultivars, which may not be related, and a very large number of sports. Still the subject of much study and debate, it is possible that we will never know the true background of these plants, which is shrouded in decades of mystery. Many names are now invalid and a wide variety of plants have been sold mistakenly under these names. By far the greatest number of 'Fortunei' cultivars are sports of 'Fortunei Hyacinthina', once considered fortunei var. hyacinthina.