Infected Cultivars in the Marketplace

    The following table contains three lists of hosta cultivars that are infected with HVX in the marketplace. It should be noted that there is nothing wrong with these cultivars themselves. They are on this list because some of the plants of these varieties were infected during propagation. Because of this, they may be found infected in several nurseries at the retail level. Many of these are among the most commonly available varieties, and care should be taken when purchasing these varieties to ascertain that they are free of HVX. Clean healthy specimens of these varieties are available from older stocks, but much of those propagated in the last 6 years or so are suspect. Do not buy healthy-looking, symptom-free plants from batches where some symptomatic individuals are present. HVX can take years to produce symptoms. All in the batch should be considered infected, and the batch should be destroyed to prevent further spread.
    Purchase of the third group is not recommended at all - these are just heavily symptomatic infected plants, not new cultivars, which should be destroyed as they are worthless and can only spread the disease to other healthy plants. They are only cheap common cultivars infected with a disease that can spread.
    Because this virus is easily spread in gardens and nurseries and often does not show symptoms for several years, there is a chance that individual specimens of any hosta from an infected source may be infected also, but this is different from a variety that was mass-infected during propagation and widely available. Cheap plants in stores that do not specialize in hostas are often mislabeled, so some of the varieties below can be found with different labels.
High percentages of infected plants in the marketplace:   Some infected batches in the marketplace:   Varieties named for viral infections    (including HVX):
'Birchwood Parky's Gold'   'Abby'   'Blue Freckles' (probable HVX)
'Blue Cadet'   'Big Daddy' NEW 07   'Breakdance' (confirmed HVX)
'Corona'   'Blackjack' NEW 07   'Dotted Fantasy' (probable HVX)
'Gold Edger'   'Blue Monday'   'Eternal Father' (confirmed HVX)
'Gold Standard'   'Diamond Tiara'   'Kiwi Dreadlocks' (probable HVX)
'Golden Tiara'   'El Nino'   'Kiwi Watercolours' (probable HVX)
'Goldrush'   'First Frost' NEW 07   'Leopard Frog' (confirmed HVX)
'Halcyon' (+2nd virus)   'Fortunei Albopicta' NEW 07   'Lunacy' (confirmed virus)
'Honeybells'   'Francee'   'Pamela Ann' (probable HVX)
'Lady Guinevere' NEW 07   'Ground Master'   'Parkish Gold' (probable HVX)
'Royal Standard'   'Guacamole'   'Strip Show' (probable HVX)
'So Sweet' (often mislabeled)   'Gypsy Rose' NEW 07   'Tye Dye' (probable HVX)
'Stiletto'   'Janet'    
'Striptease'   'June'    
'Sweet Susan'   'Katherine Lewis'    
'Sum and Substance'   'Krossa Regal' (+ 2nd virus)    
'Undulata Albomarginata'   'Minuteman'    
ventricosa (sp.)   'Night Before Christmas'    
'Venucosa'   'Pacific Blue Edger'    
several unlabelled varieties   'Patriot'    
    'Paradise Joyce'    
    'Paul's Glory' NEW 07    
    'Peedee Gold Flash' NEW 07    
    'Pilgrim'(other virus?) NEW    
    'Regal Splendor' (+ 2nd virus)    
    'Shade Fanfare' NEW 07    
    'Sun Power'    
    'Sugar and Cream'    
    'Wide Brim'    
    'Yellow Splash Rim'    

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