About Hosta Names

About Hosta Names

1. Because all photos in the main HostaLibrary alphabetical listings are of hostas, the proper use is dropped and only the cultivar name shown. For example, Halcyon is shown rather than the proper Hosta 'Halcyon'. Spelling is consistent with the registration if registered.

2. After the name of the hosta the originator's name (if known) is shown, along with the date of registration with the ICRA. If a plant is not registered yet, NR follows the name. In some cases the country of origin is known but not the originator. The originator name may in some cases be different from the registration, as some early registrations did not always clearly indicate the person who bred or discovered the plant.

3. The Library for the most part follows ICNCP conventions. Under their system only the cultivar name is used, and the species name does not precede any cultivar names. Prior to the formation of the ICNCP, all plant names were written with the species name first in italics as per ICBN standards. Some hostas dating from this period have had their names changed. For example fluctuans 'Variegated' became 'Sagae'. Others were not changed to ICNCP standards because of widespread distribution, and so remain in their original form, such as ventricosa 'Aureomarginata'.

4. In some cases, two different plants are listed with the same name. The originators follow on the left-hand column to separate them. If one is registered, the other was already in the Library before the registration was allowed.